Double Neck Guitar Bass And 6 String

Double Neck Guitar Bass And 6 String

At Crimson Guitars we are well know for being true custom builders that will build any guitar that we are asked to with just two rules, the end result has to be both beautiful and playable and of course be made by hand. The Eyry detachable twin neck guitar and 6 string bass was a custom project like no other, the original order was for an eight string version of our Scorpion guitar, over the months the client realised who he was dealing with and the idea morphed in to a 10 string fanned fret guitar, 6 strings tuned as a normal guitar and 4 strings as a standard, though short scale, bass guitar. While the challenges of the last idea were very appealing to us our customer finally settled on a more standard twin neck design.. for about 6 hours, one last email, one line.. ‘make it detachable!?’


We decided to stay with the original idea of using a multi-scale fanned fret design, it is by far the most ergonomic and comfortable guitar neck design (and for you doubters out there it really doesn’t take very long to get used to playing a fanned fret neck). It would be an easy thing, relatively speaking, to bolt two instruments together and forget about it, two independent wiring looms feeding through to two jack outputs and amps. I spent many many hours trying to figure out how to actually do what was in my head and the final result was a way to feed the signal from the guitar through to the bass and, via a 3-way switch, to the bass guitars jack output. It means that, should you only have one amp you can route the guitar, the bass or a mix of the two through to it, or of course you can just use the individual outputs and dedicated amps for each instrument. The clever part is that the only thing you have to do to connect up the two electronic systems is to bolt the guitar and bass together, one of the three fixing bolts carries the signal from the guitar, one connects the grounds and the other, well, that’s just a bolt..


Once the electronics were figured out the rest was pretty normal by our standards, bespoke pickups made to compliment the tone wood combination and with custom timber covers and pickup surounds. We also created a pair of unique fixed bridges in our small engineering workshop (no custom guitar builder can call himself that without the ability to make a new bridge), custom control knobs and a 3 point fixing system all coming together inside a fully hand-carved ergonomic and uniquely inlaid custom instrument, or two.. more specifications for each build below and don’t forget to watch the two videos at the bottom of the page, one is a demo of the sounds available and one showing how the guitar and bass are bolted together.

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